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Physical objects > Physical features

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Physical features  


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  • This concept classifies specific formations that are integrally adapted to certain material objects. They cannot, therefore, be separated from the carrier-object, but they also do not identify with it, since it is only a part of the carrier-object that carries the entire feature. In this sense, the feature is fixed, with respect to the carrier-object, while any attempt to remove it will result in the loss of part of the carrier-object. They may have two- or three-dimensional geometric extent, but there are no natural borders that separate them completely, in an objective way from the carrier-objects. Instances of Physical Features can be features in a narrower sense (scratches, holes, reliefs, surface colours etc.), while in the wider sense, they are portions of particular objects with borders that are not absolutely defined, such as the core of the Earth or the head of a marble statue.


  • Narrower term examples: “reliefs”, “granules”.

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