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ROSSIO Thesaurus


The ROSSIO Thesaurus includes topics in several fields of the social sciences, arts and humanities. It is aimed at research, knowledge organisation and information retrieval on the ROSSIO platform. Each concept is placed in networks of hierarchical and associative relations and is designated by terms in Portuguese and English.

The construction of the ROSSIO Thesaurus is based on international standards for thesauri, following the present recommendations for the form of the terms: as a general rule, the plural is used for count nouns (e.g., “scenic texts”) and the singular for mass nouns, which may designate materials (e.g., “wood”), activities/processes (e.g., “restoration”) or abstract concepts (e.g., “art”).

The thesaurus is developed from lists of terms and other vocabulary resources of members of the ROSSIO consortium, as well as reference thesaurus in the domains of interest to the infrastructure, such as the Getty Institute's “Art and Architecture Thesaurus” and the “Backbone thesaurus” of the DARIAH infrastructure.

In addition to the ROSSIO Thesaurus, there are independent vocabularies for personal and organisation names (ROSSIO Agents), for toponyms (ROSSIO Places) and for historical, geological and artistic periods (ROSSIO Periods).

Data de criação

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 09:10:25

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023 12:58:18


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