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MorDigital Domain Classification



The MorDigital Domain Classification (CDMOR) covers the fields of knowledge used, in the form of domain labels, in the lexicographic articles of “Diccionario da Lingua Portugueza” by António de Morais Silva (1789; 1813; 1823). The occurrence of these often abbreviated labels restricts the scope of usage of the underlying lexical units, identifying them as belonging to the lexicon of specialised fields. Thus, for example, the label “t. Anat.” in the article “accelerador” (accelerator) (Morais Silva, 1789, p. 14) indicates that this is a term from anatomy, occurring frequently in texts from this specialised field.

CDMOR is modelled based on Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS), the W3C recommendation for classifications and other knowledge organization systems. The spelling of the preferred terms assigned to each domain are modernised to facilitate search and accessibility. The original spelling of the domains and the respective labels are preserved, appearing in CDMOR as alternative terms and usage labels, with respective indication of their sources. Encyclopaedic information on each domain is presented through scope notes extracted from DBPedia. Finally, definitions of the relevant articles for each domain are presented, covering all three editions of the dictionary. For example, in the Military domain we have the full definitions of the adjective “militar” (military) and the noun “milicia” (militia) (which includes military science as a domain of knowledge).

This resource is developed in the context of the project MorDigital – Digitisation of Diccionario da Lingua Portugueza by António de Morais Silva – PTDC/LLT-LIN/6841/2020.



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