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The ROSSIO Agents vocabulary comprises names of people and organisations for knowledge organisation and information retrieval in the ROSSIO platform.

The construction of the Agents vocabulary follows the conventions of libraries, archives and other information units for the headings of personal and organisational names. As a general rule, the order of personal names is reversed, with the surname preceding the other names. Optionally, the names are followed by dates of birth and death, or dates of activity (eg, “Rodrigues, Amália, 1920-1999”, “Spindeler, Nicolaus, active 1477-1506”). Organisational names are presented in the normal direction of writing (e.g., “Estúdio Mário Novais”), except in the cases of governmental bodies or institutions with autonomy, which are also inverted (e.g., “Lisboa. Arquivo Municipal”, “Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Centro de Humanidades”).

The vocabulary of Agents is part of the ROSSIO vocabularies, which includes vocabularies of topics in social sciences, arts and humanities (ROSSIO Thesaurus), toponyms (ROSSIO Places) and periods (ROSSIO Periods).



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